Best Free Slot Games For Mobile


Slots have become the most popular online casino mobile games. Why? There are a million reasons for it! Technology has come a very long way since the first one-armed-bandits were invented. Did you know that happened not too long after the California Gold Rush in San Francisco?

A German immigrant with a flair for inventing new things and tinkering in the workshop invented a mechanical contraption with three reels and slots as we know them were born. The symbols also came early. Although the first slot machine featured card symbols, the machines that came later featured the now-familiar Liberty Bell, Bar symbol (said to be based on a bar of fruit gum) and the ever-present fruit (also thanks to the famous fruit chewing gum that gave us the “Bar” symbol). Toss in your lucky sevens, and you have the most known symbols known to the gambling world.

In fact, although card games are still popular in casinos, the most popular gambling tattoos are cherries. A lot of people who get them don’t even gamble, but see them as a symbol of good luck and being a little bit naughty. Let’s face it – there’s a gambler in all of us.

There are a lot of gambling software developers in the business. This is a great market for the good old boys of software – the ones that have been around for over 20 years and started off with brick-and-mortar gambling machines in places like Las Vegas, Reno, or Monte Carlo. You’d be amazed at how many of them still lead the way in new gaming developments! The mobile gambling market is all about new tech, so of course, this gives a wonderful chance for newcomers to come in and take the market by storm. There are a lot of game developers that have only recently started and are already making waves in the world of mobile gambling.

There are a lot of features that free slots have to have today that early game developers wouldn’t have even thought of thirty years ago, or in the golden age of the Golden Nugget.

Amazing Graphics

Mobile slot games have some of the most impressive graphics out there! There are 3D slots, where every aspect of the game looks like it’s ready to pop out of the screen. Some of the best games out there have been developed with the small mobile screen in mind, for captivating entertainment.

Thrilling Soundtracks

Forget the clanking of the old-school gambling machines. This is the era of juicy, popping and symphonic slot machine soundtracks. Some mobile games are themed to include Rock, Metal or Pop musicians and they feature award-winning music. For other themed games, you want to feel as if you’re in the middle of Ancient Egypt, a mysterious tomb or a wild safari adventure. Developers know that you play on your mobile and often listen through a set of earphones – having mind-blowing sound effects helps you be transported into a completely new dimension.


Out of This World Themes

Speaking of being transported, wait until you see some of the themes that these developers have thought of! There is Ancient Egypt, Jewels, Treasure, Wild Animals, Distant Countries and Continents, and Fantastic Mythology Creatures. They all come together to create one-of-a-kind worlds and experiences. Other themes may include movies or your favourite show, be it GOT or a cartoon series. Trusted developers who have bigger budgets will sign on and buy the right to use many pop-culture themes and exclusive storylines.


When you gamble and score great payouts, the game prompts you to move along a storyline. It may be that after a while of playing you’ll move on to a more advanced level, have some eye-popping graphic storylines added to your slot time, and you’ll get closer to some sort of a goal or further your story. This isn’t just about pulling the lever or pressing “spin” anymore – a lot more than cash is at stake! This is the game makers’ way of rewarding long time players and people who are passionate about their products.

Killer Bonuses

Game developers will all include different sorts of bonuses or features into games. Some will offer impressive tournaments – this is when you can play socially with other players and see who wins! Others offer progressive jackpots or specials for players who earn a certain amount of points. It all depends on the game! Check out our list of best free mobile slot games for a few pointers to which game has the best bonuses, and where you can play the best games for free!


Slot games developers

Here is a list of our favourite slot game developers. Some of them you might have heard of, and some might seem new. It’s best to experiment with what you like. We noticed that some companies like NetEnt will always have mind-blowing soundtracks, while others will concentrate on their stats or graphics.


NetEnt, or Net Entertainment, is probably one of the most popular casino game developers in the world. Every casino has its games, and we can say that with 100% certainty. Of course, not all of their games are always available in every country, but that’s another story. Net Ent develops games for mobile – this not only includes live card games but also some of the most popular slots on the market! They are known for amazing soundtracks that will suck you into the game, and keeping you entertained for hours.

NetEnt best games

Gonzo's Quest

This is an adventure game that’s based on Gonzalo Pizzaro – a conquistador that made his fame and fortune in Peru. NetEnt’s games are becoming more and more story-focused, and to really “get you in the mood” of this game, you can watch a short film they have created. It’s a backstory, and it makes the whole mobile slot game so much more interesting. If you’re curious you can even watch it on YouTube right now!

This is SO much more than what you think of when you think of classic slots. It’s animation, adventure, storyline, and pure entertainment. Of course, don’t forget the actual winnings. Gonzo’s quest comes with 20 paylines, multipliers, and even something called Avalanche Multipliers. There are a lot of little “extras” in this game, and they make it worth playing and coming back. Perfect for mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

Steam Tower

It’s a wild Steam Punk themed slot game, with crazy Victorian inventors, and a touch of fantasy, dragons. Here, you can travel to 16 “floors” of the Steam Tower when you collect the wild symbol. The Stacked Wilds can activate 10 free spins. Depending on what “floor” of the tower you happen to be on, you get pretty awesome Multipliers – this means that your free spins are multiplied by x2 if you’re on floors 1-3, by x3 on floors 4-6, x4 if you’re on floors 7-9 and so on, until you ready a multiplier of 7 on the 16th floor.

This is one game that you want to keep on playing to better your odds! Because it can be quite hard to keep track of all of these levels and multipliers, you have excellent Steam Punk style levers and meters at your disposal. There are 15 bet lines and 5 reels. The Tower is the perfect theme for this game, because aside from the great soundtrack and the graphics, what keeps you playing is the “climbing” for extra free spins and for multipliers.


Play'n GO

Play”n Go works with a number of other companies to bring the greatest and most cutting-edge products to the market. EveryMatrix is their newest partner, and together they make some of the most mid-blowing games and partnerships happen. This is a Scandinavian company, and they mostly operate on the European market. They work in a number of different languages and are widely recognized across the world as a powerhouse in gaming software and entertainment. They roll out exciting new products all the time, and they work with rock stars and celebrities to make some of the most exhilarating games.

Play'n GO best games


Have you ever heard of this metal band? If you haven’t it’s time to enter their very own thematic slot game made with Play’s Go software. You will rock out to the game and might even leave it on when not playing! And don’t forget the amazing dark graphics – they’re something out of a dark gothic adventure film, and will make you feel like you’re in a completely different world.

This is NOT a game of spinning fruit but a crazy adrenaline ride. There are Scatter and Wild symbols that turn into a fire-breathing 3D eye-popping graphics every time they make their entrance. This is probably the only game you can play and headbang to! It’s supported on all the platforms and multiple languages – it’s made for global mobile play, and we hope you check it out.

Battle Royal

This is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek game, based on Henry IV and his nasty habit of getting rid of his many wives. Some were beautiful, some were not – some were gold diggers and some meddled in politics too much. However they met their demise, they’re all here in this super-entertaining royal game of mobile slots. they are all beautifully illustrated in 3D, batting their eyes and grinning with somewhat of defiance. Yes – there will be random screams and chopping sounds here, and the whole graphic scheme is based on a beautifully designed game of cards.

This is a standard 5 reel slot game, with a fun Tudor-era soundtrack that’s been made a bit more upbeat. Of course, what would any Henry the IV game be without the old kind chasing treasure chests and ghosts of wives past in the dungeons of his castle? This happens after you score a scatter, and it’s a great feature to look forward to. We love the extra animation and the game involvement it creates! All the game features are easy to change, and the whole experience is intuitive and stress-free – you won’t be confused even if you’re new to mobile slots.


Best Odds Online Slots

When you have tested all the free mobile slots you can, it’s time to think about which game to play for real money. If you are the type of person who wants to think about odds first, here are some suggestions. Of course, we all gamble for fun and that should be at the forefront of choosing a great slot game. But it never hurts to make sure you have the best chances of winning a pretty penny while you’re at it.

How is the “return” on mobile slot games calculated, anyway? Here are a few tips:

RTP number

RTP – What’s RTP? It stands for “Return To Player” – this is a complicated number because it takes an average of a million plays and calculates the game performance. Of course, aside from the occasional jackpot, it’s best when this number is close to breaking even. The higher the better. Most slot games will have their RTP percentage listed. Some new games might not have it yet.

Of course, if you’re playing for free you won’t have to worry about RTP. Our reviews of the above slots are based on how much fun we’ve had during free gameplay – the only thing we measured for is the “fun factor” and how the game kept us entertained even without playing with real money. So roll up your sleeves and get to testing free games with the leaders in mobile game software development.

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